What’s Keeping Your Good Horse From Being Great?

You know that the rigorous lifestyle demanded by training and showing competitively can be hard on a horse’s mental and physical well-being, and especially its digestive health. Ulcers are a common concern for performance horses at all levels in all disciplines. But are you aware of the many other conditions such as hindgut inflammation, acidosis, or colitis that can also be associated with keeping horses stalled, grain-based diets, and the stresses of travel and competition?

If your horse is underperforming in the show pen, unwilling or irritable under saddle, or struggling to maintain condition, weight, or appetite, an underlying digestive issue could be at fault.

Speak with your veterinarian today about testing with the SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test to monitor your horse’s digestive wellness and identify gastrointestinal conditions that could be limiting your horse’s potential.

SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test for Monitoring GI Health

SUCCEED FBT Jar & CassetteThe SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test is an easy-to-use, affordable, and reliable diagnostic tool that uses antibodies to detect occult blood components in equine feces. This allows veterinarians to detect the presence of gastrointestinal injury, and may help to differentiate whether the problem is in the foregut, hindgut, or both.

Positive test results could indicate the presence of conditions such as:

  • gastric and/or colonic ulcers
  • parasites
  • protein-losing enteropathies
  • lesions caused by hard feed or other objects
  • enteritis or colitis

Any of these issues can affect a horse’s appearance, attitude and performance. So what you see on the outside could be a sign that something is wrong on the inside. Knowing it’s there is the first step in addressing the problem.

Safe, Simple Way to Monitor Your Horse’s GI Health

The SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test is simple for your veterinarian to use right there in the barn aisle.

  • The FBT is thorough. The Equine Fecal Blood Test provides valuable information regarding the health of a horse’s entire gastrointestinal tract, not just a picture of a small portion.
  • The FBT is non-invasive. All that is needed from the horse is a fresh fecal sample.
  • The FBT is inexpensive. The cost of purchasing and using the test kit is minimal for both the veterinarian and the owner.

Much like taking your horse’s temperature, the FBT is the first step in identifying that a problem exists. A positive result indicates the presence of a GI condition that requires additional diagnosis and treatment by your veterinarian.

Speak With Your Veterinarian Today

The SUCCEED FBT is a diagnostic tool available for use by veterinarians. Speak with your veterinarian about testing your horse today.