Jayne Lancashire Riding
Jayne Lancashire - Dressage Rider & Owner of Dressage International

“My Grand Prix horse started to lose performance at the same time for two or three years in a row. Despite keeping him on a gut friendly diet and regime, he was also losing his appetite so I suspected that GI tract disturbance was happening. My vet trialed a commonly prescribed treatment which lead to symptoms worsening so I realised we needed to investigate the cause further. After reading up about the Succeed FBT, I asked my vet to carry out the test. The test was very simple to do, requiring just a sample of fresh droppings and the results came back very quickly. The test showed a positive result for a hind gut problem which enabled us to select a more targeted treatment plan, and went on to resolve the issue. I really recommend that everyone should get their horses tested as a matter of routine as it is so quick, easy and inexpensive.”

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Miranda Heyes - Eventer

“My eventer had been suffering with an unexplained uneven hindlimb gait which was combined with various gastrointestinal issues. These ranged from being gassy and bloated to having undigested feed in his droppings. His droppings were often accompanied by a watery discharge. In addition, despite quality feed and forage and correct training, he just wouldn’t put on muscle and condition, felt lethargic much of the time and even developed some respiratory allergies.

My vet was perplexed at the range of fairly non-specific symptoms, so he ran a SUCCEED fecal blood test kit. The horse had a positive test result for both haemoglobin and albumin. The test was so simple to carry out, and it helped us to identify what would likely be the most effective next steps for diagnosis and appropriate treatment options.

Following a period of treatment, my horse appeared to be much improved on the outside and we used the test kit again to assess this also from the inside. I was delighted to see a negative result on both haemoglobin and albumin and it was great to get confirmation that what we were doing was working!”

Photo Credit: British Riding Club

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