Keep Your Horse Healthy Inside and Out

The root of a horse’s overall health and wellness begins inside. If your horse is experiencing discomfort in its gut, it will probably show it through things like a change in eating habits, rebellion in training, or weight loss. Sometimes we assume that a horse’s lack of performance attributes to its natural abilities and personality, but it’s important to remember that there could be something more going on inside the belly of your horse. 

Knowing if your horse is suffering from ulcers or other digestive tract conditions is the first step in managing its GI health. The SUCCEED® Equine Fecal Blood Test™ will help your veterinarian in diagnosing any underlying conditions or other serious GI problems, including both gastric and colonic ulcers in just minutes.

The SUCCEED® Equine Fecal Blood Test™ (FBT) tests fecal matter for specific components of blood  to identify a problem in the foregut (stomach and small intestines) and/or the hindgut (colon and cecum).

  • FBT can be administered in the barn
  • Tests the foregut and hindgut at the same time.
  • Results are shown in 15 minutes or less.
  • Easy to read results.
  • Provides an alternative to costly gastric procedures.

Talk to your vet

The SUCCEED® FBT test is for veterinary use only and aids your vet in diagnosing and recommending a course for further treatment if necessary. As always, discuss your options and any health concerns regarding your horse with your vet. Get started by filling out the FBT Information Sheet today!

If your veterinarian isn’t familiar with the SUCCEED® FBT, refer him or her to this site. Or have them call us toll-free at (877) 734-6558.