SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test in Brazil

How do you know what’s really going on inside a horse?

Symptoms, gastroscopy and treatment response are no longer the initial go-to resources for veterinarians to diagnose digestive tract disease in horses. Instead, vets may start with the SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test, a simple and accurate tool to help your veterinarian diagnose ulcers and other conditions throughout the entire equine digestive tract.

Benefits of Testing First and Regularly with the FBT

Monitor ongoing digestive wellness. Non-invasive, inexpensive way for your veterinarian to regularly evaluate a horse’s digestive wellness – catching minor problems before they become serious issues. Or monitor progress after surgery or other treatments.
Detect gut issues earlier. The FBT is calibrated to detect true pathologies – but with the sensitivity to pick up subclinical hindgut issues early. Especially for horses that are stoic or in the early stages of disease.
Diagnose problems more quickly and accurately. Because the structure and function of the fore- and hinguts are very different, they require targeted, localized treatments to be most effective – and avoid further exacerbating issues. Accurate diagnosis is critical for restoring health.

How the FBT Works

The SUCCEED FBT is a dual antibody test. Both tests use equine-specific antibodies to detect the presence of blood components in a horse’s feces within a specific range that indicates a true pathological condition:
  • Test A – detects the blood component albumin, which originates in the hindgut
  • Test H – detects hemoglobin which may originate from anywhere in the GI tract
When taken together, these results provide a reliable indication of GI tract injury (lesions, ulcers, inflammation or other damage to the mucosa that may produce albumin, hemoglobin or both).

What’s in the SUCCEED FBT Kit

Each FBT includes one complete test for one horse:

  • a plastic container (for collecting a sample)
  • dual test cassette
  • sample pipette
  • polyethylene glove
  • instruction sheet

The SUCCEED FBT is for use exclusively by veterinarians, who may obtain the kit in packs of 2, sleeves of 10 or in full cases of 40 kits, through VIVA Agro in Brazil.


Testing Horses with the SUCCEED FBT

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Purchase kits through Viva Agro.

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