SUCCEED FBT for Veterinarians in Brazil

The SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test is a simple stall-side diagnostic aid to identify the presence of gastrointestinal pathologies in horses. This highly sensitive test detects the presence of two occult blood components in a fresh fecal sample and may give some indication of location of the source.

FBT Accuracy and Reliability

The SUCCEED FBT antibody test kit is in the form of a two-part wicking rapid-test specific to equine blood proteins. There are two wells in each kit: one to detect albumin and one for hemoglobin.

Test Sensitivity

Lower Upper
Albumin 0.8 ppm 10,000 ppm
Hemoglobin 0.8 ppm 10,000 ppm

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Positive Predictive Value

Due to the nature of antibody chemistry, the test is generally very sensitive, leading to a low number of false positives. That has led to good correlations, especially on metrics such as accuracy, specificity and positive predictive value. The most recent necropsy study used to evaluate test performance was completed in October, 2011, with 178 horses. In this study we evaluated the version of the test in production at the time, with the following results:

Positive predictive value Negative predictive value P-value
(Predictive for colonic ulcers)
95.4% 75.0% .04
(Predictive for gastric or colonic ulcers)
96.9% 57.9% .03

For albumin, the antibody test was correlated exclusively to the level of colonic ulceration, where the cutoff was set to grade 1 and above.

For hemoglobin, the test correlated well to the overall level of observed GI ulceration when the positive gastric and colonic cutoff was set to grade 2 and above.

Reading SUCCEED FBT Results

Reading the results of a SUCCEED FBT is similar to reading a pregnancy test. A control line indicates that the test is working, and a second line – no matter how faint – indicates a positive result for either albumin or hemoglobin.

Learn more in the SUCCEED Veterinary Center about specifically how albumin and hemoglobin each work with the FBT antibodies, how to apply results during a diagnostic work-up, research being conducting utilizing the FBT and more.

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